Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Today I saw a video of a baby bear,
climbing up a snowy mountain, chasing after his mom.
She traversed the white terrain with ease,
her capable paws gripping tight to places that his could not reach.
Over and over, he slipped and slid,
as she stared down that mountain urging him up.
After his biggest fall, I looked away,
afraid he wouldn't make it.
But that mama bear never lost sight of him.
And up, up, up he climbed, until he reached the top.

Today I saw my own baby bear,
walking up the stairs, chasing after your brothers.
They scampered up with ease,
two at a time, laughing the whole way.
Slowly and surely, you climbed up,
as your brothers stared down urging you up.
With your eyes gazing skyward, I climbed up behind you,
poised to catch you if you fell. 
This mama bear never lost sight of you.
And up, up, up you walked, until you reached the top. 

And if you fall, or if you climb,
If you slip, or if you grip,
I will be there, at your back,
poised and ready
to get you up over any mountain.


Happy 2 Teddy Bear.