Sunday, May 6, 2012

Baby by Numbers

2 years ago you were a flicker on an ultrasound
2 pink lines on a stick

2 of us, dad + me, built you from all that we had, all that we had to give
1 part me
1 part him
1 whole you

1 dark, cold night brought you to me
7  hours of labor and there you were

2 years have come and gone and we've both changed so much

2 breasts have fed you for 
16 months
69 weeks
483 days

8 white teeth have burst forth like shiny buds in a soft pink soil
2 brown eyes that get bigger and wiser every day
2 feet make pap pap pap sounds as you run across the hardwood floor
10 long lean fingers delicately pinch at food laid out for you on a tray

1 mama sits in a dim room while
1 dad puts you in bed
10 fingers tap out a poem for
1 sweet boy

1 sweet boy

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