Monday, January 7, 2013

For the First & Millionth Time

Today, you're 2 my sweet baby boy
and you are as vibrant and colorful as a little firework that lingers long after the 4th of July
Your mood can go from dark to light quicker than cream lightens up my coffee

Somewhere in those 731 days I realized that
the boy I once merely had a crush on became the father of my child

that boy and I created the most complexly simple, devilishly angelic creature ever to use a wooden spoon as a sword

8 seasons together and sometimes I forget which one of us knows more about life, the world, the stars, God.

A year from now the last vestiges of my baby will have mysteriously and quietly disappeared except for, I hope, your long curly eyelashes which frame up those sweet brown eyes.

And every time I see those eyes I am taken back to a snowy early January night when you and I locked eyes for the first and millionth time.

A first meeting with someone who I've known forever.

And that, my baby is the sweet mystery of being your mama.

I meet you every day for the first and millionth time, 
old and new, 
strange and familiar
complex and breathtakingly simple
a crystal clear mystery that I get to solve every day

You are the most familiar stranger I have ever known.  
Happy birthday little one. 
I love you from the bottom of the ocean to the tops of the stars.

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