Sunday, January 22, 2012

The New Perfect

I am thrilled the announce that an article I submitted to the authors of "Good Enough is the New Perfect" has been selected for publication on their site.  You can check out my article and their webpage here and buy the book here!

The authors of the book admit that the title can be deceiving.   The book is not about settling, the book is not about mediocrity, it's about having it all, but creating an "all" that you can love.  Filled with real stories from mothers all over the country, this book has become the closest thing anyone has given me to that elusive "manual" on how to be a mom, especially a mom working outside of the home.

This particular article deals with belief systems and how those belief systems can be the source of stress in our lives.  

You may have read about my son's first birthday party in the guest blog written by my mom "Perfectly Imperfect".  I had a meltdown over a balloon.  I'm not proud of this fact, but the balloon and I have made peace and we both feel we're in a much better place now.

When Jack's beautiful birthday balloon (which was perfectly color coordinated to his birthday banners...sorry, really, I'm at peace with it) started to deflate so did I.  "Well, now I have to go back to the store to get it replaced!" I said, as I suspiciously eyed the banana cake that was cooling on the counter.  Did it look too dark?  Was it burned?  What kind of party has burned banana cake and deflated balloons?  

My mom looked at me, "Honey, it's a $5 balloon, is it worth $5 to head out in the snow to get a new one?"

"This balloon is ruining my party!!!"

We both laughed.  It's true, isn't it?  Birthdays in those first few years are really all about the moms; dads too, but they tend to shrug off deflated balloons as long as there's good food.

My mom later posted a picture of that balloon on my Facebook page with the caption:  "Evidence for your case with Judge Judy: Nancy v. Balloon"

By the end of the night the balloon lay on the floor in a wrinkly old heap, but by then I was too happy to care.  In my belief that every last detail had to be perfect, I was missing out on the true meaning of that day- the celebration of my beautiful baby boy's first year of life.  His first trip around the sun and here I was, disappointed in a deflated balloon.

I'm keeping that balloon as a forever reminder that these little things don't matter.  If I'd done an exit poll of the party, I can guarantee that no one would have said, "Almost a 10, what happened to that balloon?"  Well, maybe my nephew, he really likes balloons.

That balloon will be there to remind me to let go of the little things that don't matter, you know, for those times my mom can't be there.

" think I care about balloons?  There is cake to be eaten!!  To the highchair!!"

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