Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Morning, a Play in One Scene

After a long night spent with a crying baby Nancy sits on the couch in the basement checking email on her laptop with her back to the stairs, Jack plays around her.  Trevor appears at the top of the stairs.

Trevor:  Hey Jack, give that paper towel to Mama!

Jack obeys and hands Nancy a large pile of crumpled up paper that he has been chewing on.

Nancy:  Thank you Jack!

Trevor:  Hey, he just threw the remote control under the couch.


Trevor:  Your laptop isn't charging anymore, he just unplugged it.

Nancy (oblivious to all of it):  Oh.  Thanks!

There are mornings that you just aren't mom of the year and it's during those times when you're glad that someone has your back.  In this case, literally.

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